Magnific Relight (OpenAI)

Generative AI is redefining Photoshop and Photo editing to an unbelievable Godly level.

2024 is the year for Video generation and Image manipulation. Many companies are racing to announce new features almost weekly!

OpenAI has announced some cool future product that I am super excited about but I am even more excited about the ones that are available.

This new AI tool, Magnific Relight, lets you change EVERYTHING โ€“ lighting and even the background โ€“ in seconds with just a few clicks.

No more spending hours on edits that still look, well... edited. Magnific Relight uses AI to make it natural-looking and FAST.

Transform the lighting of any scene using a prompt, a reference image, or a light map!

  1. Setting the light just with a prompt

  2. Transferring the light with a reference image. Mimic the lights, shadows, and colors of one scene and transfer them to another while keeping the original materials.

  3. Transferring the light with a light map. You can specify exactly where you want your lights, their shape, color, and any other characteristics. This is incredibly powerful!

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