Krea.AI (Pencil Sketch to Image)

Krea AI is a generative AI tool that helps designers and artists create high-quality visuals with ease. It uses a powerful AI that learns about your aesthetic preferences and generates images that match your style. Krea can create images from Pencil Sketches and Doodles.

  • Real-time Generation: Create the perfect composition with real-time editing.

  • Upscale & Enhance: Powerful AI image upscaler and enhancer.

  • Apps: Compact and simple generative AI apps

  • AI Patterns: Create beautiful patterns with AI in seconds.

  • Logo Illusions: Turn your logo into an amazing visual illusion.

  • AnimateDiff: Create impressive videos with AI from text in seconds.

  • Studio Projects: An infinite canvas for all your AI generations

Krea allows you to sketch and then it will automatically use AI to increase the quality of your sketches. You're able to draw rough sketches and rough storyboards and will actually make them more realistic.

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