Stable Diffusion for Blender

Stable Diffusion Plug-ins for Blender

This didn’t make the cut because it doesn’t technically generate 3D models but it is worth mentioning! It generates 2D images that can be used for model development and reference material.

Stability AI created a suite of tools as a plugin for Blender that works for existing projects and utilizes text-to-generate feature to create new images, textures and animations. This works similar to their text-to-image generator but it’s customized and built within the Blender program to work with your existing workflow.

An impressive feature of this suite of tools is the ability to generate animations. While their animation feature is not entirely perfect, it’s still quite fun nonetheless. Some people prefer crude animations anyways! This is an entirely free plugin; and doesn’t require any additional software or space to run. To set it up, you’ll need the most updated version of Blender and an API key from Stability AI.

They have a comprehensive list of tutorials showcasing each feature.

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