Wirestock.io news, Oct 2023


If you're not familiar with Wirestock they are a single platform where you can upload stock phography that you created or even AI generated images that you created and it will submit it to all of the stock imagery platforms on your behalf it will even title the images add tags to the images create descriptions to the images and inform the stock photography sites that these are AI generated so that you can stay compliant sites like Imago Adobe stock 123 RF dreams time and free pick all allow AI generated art so you can generate an AI image submit it to Wirestock and it will create all the metadata and submit it all these sites for you it's super fast. Wirestock even has their own Discord bot so if you're familiar with tools like mid Journey you'll feel right at home with Wirestock. It allows you to generate custom images mix multiple images together and even reimagine existing images so you can upload an image that you already have tell it to reimagine it and it will create more images just like that one so if an image is is selling well for you already on a stock photo site reimagine it and submit more just like it wire stock also gives you the ability to create custom collections I can add this image call it pixel collection create the collection and add more images straight into this collection now I can link people directly to this collection they can purchase the whole collection at a collection price and if you're a premium member of Wirestock you get to keep 100% of the earnings and if you're curious. Wirestock even sent me a handful of images that are performing well on Wirestock right now so if you want an idea of what images to generate here's a few we got a landscape a tractor a busy street this cool sort of surreal reef image this cool background image and this flooded basement these are images that performed well you can learn more about Wirestock by heading over to Wirestock.io and if you use the coupon code Matt 20 you'll actually get 20% off your premium membership so check that out over at wirestock.io and thank you so much again to Wirestock for sponsoring this video.

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