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We're going to take a look at metal GPT which is the multi-agent framework and it's a groundbreaking approach in the field of artificial intelligence as it aims to harness the power of multiple GPT's all at once you have different types of generative pre-trained Transformers that are being used to create a collaborative software entity which is capable of handling different types of complex tasks you're basically employing your own agent that is able to do different things and it has their own specific role now the fundamentals idea behind meta GPT is to sign distinct roles to individual GPT's and enabling them to work there together simultaneously and this is basically forming a cohesive and intelligent system with this new environment that is created with meta GPT now this is an Innovative framework that takes advantage of the strengths and Specialties of each GPT which is effective into turning them into to a specific type of agent within that entity or that environment and this is something that I'll showcase today in throughout today's video so we're going to take a look at what you can actually do with metagpt taking a look about the framework by getting a better understanding of the some of the things that are used to actually create this system we're going to also take a look at some of the costing as well as the limitations and how you can lastly download it onto your local desktop so that you can deploy your own multi-agent framework to help you in different things whether it's to create a project help you code and do many things that are utilized with the apis that are associated with this project so guys it would mean the whole world to me if you guys can go on Twitter and definitely follow this if you guys haven't at the world of AI I'm going to be posting the latest AI news over here so definitely give this a follow so you can stay up to date with the news now if you guys haven't subscribed it would mean the whole world to me if you guys can do so guys I'm going to be posting the latest AI videos here so that you guys are up to date with the latest news as well as the latest hype that is around with different types of projects so it would mean the world to me if you guys can do so check out my previous videos turn on notification Bell like this video And subscribe so with that thought guys let's get right into the video so at the core of meta GPT lies the concept of task distribution as well as coordination and basically each GPT agent is assigned to a specific role that is tailored to the strengths and domain expertise for instance if you have like one GPT that excels at like natural language understanding there might be another that might be proficient in image generation or problem solving and this is by dividing each of these GPT task agents into different types of chunks and this is where meta gbt can effectively and efficiently tackle a byte array of different types of complex challenges that would be beyond the capabilities of a single GPT as it utilizes different types of things to help you accomplish the overall goal now the collaboration between different GPT agents and metal GPT is orchestrated through a sophisticated coordination mechanism and this mechanism basically allows agents to communicate share information and collectively reason to arrive at Solutions now the agents can basically be dynamically exchanged through insights and knowledge so it's sharing different types of content as it works through accomplishing the overall task and throughout this it's obviously enhancing the problem solving capabilities also adapting to the dynamic environments that the actual agent is employed within and this communication aspect is vital as it enables meta GPT to function as a cohesive software entity with each agent contributing to a unique expertise to achieve a collective intelligence so with that thought let us just take a look at the architecture so internally meta GPT is structured with a team that consists of a product manager an architect a project manager as well as engineers and basically these roles work together to ensure the smooth functionality of the AI framework and the development process so let me actually break down each of the roles so you get a better idea now the product manager is basically responsible for defying the overall vision and the goals of metagpt and they basically gather requirements from users stakeholders as well as the market to understand which functionalities and features the AI Market or the AI framework actually uses to meet the needs of the user that the architect is the designer of the GPT and it is the high level structure of meta GPT and it determines how different components and agents within the framework interact with each other which ensures for a system to be scalable efficient and robust now you have the project managers which you see over here they basically play a critical role in planning and executing the development of meta GPT they set timelines allocate resources as well as ensuring that the project progresses over a defined schedule and lastly you have the engineers which are basically the ones who are responsible for implementing the technical aspects of MetaGPT and they basically develop the code as well as the algorithms and system that powers the overall framework from overall when you deploy The Meta GPT obviously boss is the one that gives the requirements and all of this encompasses the environment which is the software company and this is just the idea or like that type of way to explain how it is orchestrated and showing you what the actual meaning is of this whole meta GPT framework now let's actually take an example of this I'm gonna actually deploy my own agent with meta GPT later on in the video but I'm just going to showcase the demo that they have basically made with the dramata GPT and this is the example so this is the example that they have been able to create and it shows that you're able to get many different outputs but one of them is the data and the other one is the API design so if you scroll in a little bit you sorry I can't actually scroll in but you can see that you start off with the user that gives the input and then you have the different GPT's that are working to accomplish The Prompt now I don't know too much about what this is but in my case I'm going to show you something that you can deploy deep actual GPT agent towards to complete for example it could be to create a task where you want to create a website or maybe you can utilize different GPT's to create a snake game this is something that they actually talked about and they were actually able to formulate this game as they said write a still see I'll I snake game and from the stereo to get an output and basically after you run the script by running it and installing it you can get it the actual project in the workspace directory which I'll showcase later on in the video but you get the gist of it you're able to create and deploy your own agent to do many different things and you can assign it different roles to accomplish and collaborate for a software entity for different types of complex tasks to achieve so this is something that is quite unique about this project as it's different from other types of autonomous AI agents in this case you have different agents that are working together simultaneously that can be employed to do different types of tasks while working simultaneously to achieve our overall goal now one thing I want to talk about is that metal GPT has been integrated with GPT 4's API costs and basically offers effective solution for generating examples with analysis and design so it requires around like 0. 2 for example but making it an affordable option for smaller tasks and individual requirements so this is quite something that you might want to keep in mind when you're generating certain things but it does add up to like around two dollars and this is for a full-on project so you might want to keep that in mind and this is like the costing that is used to generate the certain like flow of a type of project or to create that type of requirement for a serum type project for example if you're trying to create a game it's going to cost you two dollars as it's going to require to generate certain things that is required to deploy different types of GPT agents to accomplish that overall goal so it might require a lot more and this is something that you might want to keep in mind now these are some of the short-term and long-term objectives of this huge project obviously they're working towards meta GPT to become self-evolving which basically means that it can accomplish self-tuning fine tuning and optimization as well as utilization and updating itself to become the best type of model and self-deployment agent framework so this is something that is such a huge goal and it could be quite groundbreaking if they're able to accomplish this as you're able to have a system that has its own intelligence to work towards completing different things which takes us forward step forward towards accomplishing artificial general intelligence now some of the short-term objectives is to become a multi-aging framework with the highest Roi you have a support fully automatic implementation of a medium-sized project which is around 2000 lines of code and lastly is the implement the most identified task that is reaching version 0.5 now these are some of the tasks that they're doing individually to achieve some of the things and and I highly recommend that you check this out because uh you'll get a better idea of what they're trying to do now lastly I just wanted to emphasize one notable advantage of meta gbt is its scalability and this is because as the task is starting to get a little bit more complex like you might see that meta GPT is gonna try to seamlessly allocate more agents to achieve that task or it would even try to recruit different types of Agents with specialized skills from external sources to achieve that task and this is something that is showcasing metal GPT's intelligence now this Dynamic agent recruitment ensures that metal GPT can adapt to the wide range of applications as well as the scenarios that around or revolved around the task which makes it a highly versatile and Powerful system you're able to have this intelligent ecosystem which is used to help solve and complete any sort of task that you give it and this is one thing I wanted to Showcase because it's something that is astonishing and I've never seen something like this with other types of autonomous AI agents or any type of meta framework that requires different multi-agent Frameworks and this is one of the great things about this project and I highly recommend that you keep a tab on this because it's something that is quite unique and it shows that there's a lot of people working towards supporting it as well as forking it to support as well as tweak whatever is happening with meta GPT now lastly let's take a look at how you can install it so there's actually two ways you can use the traditional way where you just use code install it or you can just use Docker to help you install it very easily in my case I'm going to be using the traditional installation as it's way easy to install so first things first you're going to need an API key that is linked to a billing account so I can so that you can utilize the different API keys that are associated with openai secondly you will need git which is an application that will be used to help clone a repository onto your CPU thirdly you'll need python as your editor for code and lastly you'll need Visual Studio code to input the different size API keys that are associated with this project or the apis that are associated for certain tasks to be inputted within the framework so once you have all of these four things ready you can then go back onto the GitHub link and what you can do is start by making sure that you have the different things installed you'll need to have python install the latest version anything that is above 3.9 Edition you'll need to have npms installed you'll need to also have sudo and npm installed so make sure you run these three commands if you guys haven't already so once you have finished that you can open up command prompt and now type copy this link over here paste it click enter type in CD once it is complete DD meta GPT to be in the actual metal GPC folder I wrote GPA my bad meta GPT and once you're in the folder you can start working and installing it so in this case we're going to install it so once that is ready we'll be right back so it just prompted me to open this up after I installed it so one thing I actually forgot to implement is to install the PIP installed Dash or R requirements so you can start installing the dependencies of the project so once that is complete you can now basically start inputting your API key to do so so what you can do now is set your API key there's a couple commands that you can do so but it's very easy and after that is done you just have to click play over here and in my case I wasn't able to generate the actual like game or anything that's how to do because I don't have my gpt4 account accessible to this because I have input of my API key and I don't even have a gpc4 subscription so it's fairly easy Once you have that Associated by typing the command open underscore API AI or no open a underscore API underscore key equals your API key you can set that in your setup or your startup page or python file and once you have that done you can basically just put the command in Python startup and type whatever you want it to actually do or deploy your agents towards it will then require you to ensure certain things or certain steps and to make sure that it's installed to make it operational so once that is complete you can basically deploy your own AI agent to do many different things and it's fairly easy guys and that's how you can actually deploy your own agent to do certain things and in conclusion it's such a unique way you can to deploy your own multi-agent framework so I hope you got some sort of value out of today's video as this is a significantly forward in the domain of artificial intelligence as by you're in signing different types of roles to GPT's and fostering collaboration amongst them to accomplish as well as achieving different types of things with this framework so huge props to the developers and I hope you enjoyed this video thank you guys so much for watching I really really appreciate it make sure you give roll the video a follow if you guys haven't already turn on location subscribe like this video and if you guys haven't seen my previous videos I highly recommend that you do so because there's a lot of value that you'll definitely benefit from so with that thought guys let's see you next time have an amazing day spread positivity and I'll catch you later peace

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