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Meta EMU Image Generator

Meta started to give people access to their brand new EMU image generator on Nov. 01, 2023. You can use it directly inside of Facebook Messenger or you can use it inside of WhatsApp.

You can get to it inside of WhatsApp by clicking on the little chat window and then selecting Meta Ai. When you're inside of the meta AI you just type 'Imagine' just as you would with mid journey and say something like 'a woman in the city with skyscrapers. And pretty quickly we get our image of a woman in the city with skyscrapers. It's not super realistic but it's another option for image generation and as of right now it's free to use. let's try 'imagine a photo of a man holding out his hands showing them to the camera'. here's what that generated. It appears to be the right amount of fingers.

EMU works in WhatsApp. It works in Facebook Messenger. It may work in Instagram messenger.

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