Get3D by Nvidia

This generative AI was trained using only simple 2D images. It can generate 3D shapes with high-fidelity textures and robust geometric details. They are generated in common formats so models can be exported and used immediately. Get3D can generate any 3D object, whether it’s a building, vehicle or character.

Their stance on generative AI is compensating for the lack of detail in 3D environments that take away from the believability of a scene. Their belief is that with AI, small details that would take a team extensive resources to create can be perfected in minutes with AI. For example, randomizing spawning of non-repetitive vehicles or characters in large crowds with believable behaviors.

“GET3D brings us a step closer to democratizing AI-powered 3D content creation,” said Sanja Fidler, VP of AI research at NVIDIA and manager of he Toronto-based AI lab that created the tool. “Its ability to instantly generate textured 3D shapes could be a game-changer for developers, helping them rapidly populate virtual worlds with varied and interesting objects.”

GET3D is open source and available on Github here.

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