Synthesia is an Ai software that lets you create professional videos.

Synthesia turns text into speech in over 120 languages and you can choose from over 150 diverse AI Avatars from their stock.

Synthesia's website says that; 'No equipment or video editing skills required' - but that is not true. You do need a decent computers and some skills with audio and video software - both of which can be acquired easily online.

Major features of the Software include:

AI Avatars: Choose from 150+ ethnically diverse stock AI Avatars.

Languages: 120+ languages and accents. Create videos in 120+ languages, accents and voice tones.

Text-to-speech: Simply type in your text and turn it into professional voiceovers in minutes.

Custom AI avatars: Create your own custom AI Avatar (your digital twin).

Gestures: Add micro gestures to your avatar such as head nods or raised eyebrows. This is a new feature that just got added.

Voice cloning: You can clone your own voice and pair it with your own custom AI Avatar. This is also a new feature recently added.

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