Twin Protocol (“Twin”) is an innovative solution that combines the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology to address crucial enterprise challenges, such as personal knowledge retention, data privacy, accessing specialized skills, and maintaining AI data sovereignty. . Twin users (“Twiners”) create digital versions of themselves that capture their unique skills, knowledge, and personality which can be shared with others through a tokenized marketplace. For businesses, the Twin platform provides significant potential cost savings by retaining key knowledge of subject matter experts and company alumni. This innovation provides significant potential cost-savings as turnover costs can equal 33 - 200% of the departing worker’s annual salary. Twin's blockchain-based AI platform allows individuals to share their expertise securely in a marketplace that values their ownership and privacy. Twiners create digital profiles on the platform to showcase their skills selectively and earn passive income. Retaining control over their data ensures complete privacy protection. Twin Protocol offers a revolutionary method for individuals to monetize their knowledge in a secure and innovative manner.