Clone Works AI studio

Clone Works AI studio

Voice Cloning

Harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to recreate voices with stunning accuracy and unlock the future of personalised audio using our voice cloning service.

Whether you are an individual looking to preserve your vocal legacy or a business looking to reuse an existing voice for dubbing, films, games, training, advertising etc., contact us for a tailored solution.

Lip Sync Synthesis

Using generative AI tools we can help you create original video content from audio recordings, or translate your existing videos into different languages while maintaining realistic lip movements that perfectly match the new audio.

Typical applications include video dubbing in different languages to reach wider audiences, creating new presentation or training content without needing to film new videos, or correcting existing videos.

Face Swap

Our digital recreation service enables you to seamlessly replace the face of an individual in a video with that of your target person.

Bring a historical figure back to life for educational purposes, create digital doubles for dangerous stunts in films, de-age actors, or create new content for business applications, promotional videos and events using a body actors to save time.

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