T703 - A Decentralized Path to AGI and ASI

A Decentralized path to Artificial Super Intelligence

When A.I reaches a stage where it is able to generalize and transfer its knowledge, reason, and imagine things like humans do, that is A.G.I - or Artificial General Intelligence. From there onwards, we are not that far from A.I that can dynamically modify its own programming codebase and improve itself continuously. It will exponentially grow smarter moving far beyond human capabilities. That A.I. is 'Artificial Super Intelligence’ (A. S. I. for short).

So, it's an exciting time to be alive, but it is also a worrisome time as well, because, A.I with so much power, will have unknown consequences – consequence beyond our control. This advancement brings excitement and apprehension. The reason is that all previous tools invented by humans, empowered humans because it was humans who decided how to use them - including the Atom Bomb. But A.S.I will be able to make decisions by itself. So A.S.I potentially will take away power from humans.

Also, there is a fear that A.I will empower the wealth and powerful to further advance global wealth and income inequality to a point where all of A.G.I will be controlled by a handful who will rule the world for the future eons since control and surveillance will be managed by untiring and perpetual ASI. And of course, there is a possibility that A.S.I. develops goals and values that are incompatible with overwhelming majority of humanity – including their own masters and then it could outsmart, manipulate and even destroy humanity.

This Video is about setting a trajectory for A.I to mature and progress towards a benevolent A.S.I that remains accountable and subservient to humans. This is only possible if we create decentralized A.I development frameworks and networks with governance that let people around the globe democratically chart the course rather than leave it up to a handful of mega-rich people and companies to decide ASI's 'soul' and it's future role in human society.


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