DALL-E3 Prompts

  1. /imagine prompt:A macro photograph of a diamond ring, sparkling under blue and white lights, close-up on a dark, reflective surface. The blue light casts soft glows, highlighting the diamond's facets, while the white light enhances its brilliance. Created Using: macro lens, high resolution, vibrant contrast, depth of field, bokeh effect, reflective play, jewel photography expertise, glibatree prompt, color balancing, light diffusion --ar 1:1

  2. /imagine prompt:A macro photograph of a sapphire necklace, illuminated by soft red and yellow lights, hanging against a black velvet background. The red light creates a warm glow on the sapphire, while the yellow light brings out the sparkle in the surrounding metals. Created Using: macro lens, fine detail capture, color warmth, texture emphasis, luxury display, light reflection mastery, glibatree prompt, shadow play, metal gloss highlight --ar 1:1

  3. /imagine prompt:A macro photograph of emerald earrings, lit by a combination of green and white lights, positioned on a glass surface with water droplets. The green light enhances the emeralds' natural color, while the white light adds a clear, radiant shine. Reflections and water droplets add to the mystique. Created Using: macro lens, clarity enhancement, natural color highlight, reflective creativity, water effect, jewel focus, glibatree prompt, droplet magnification, sparkle accentuation --ar 1:1

  4. /imagine prompt:A macro photograph of a gold bracelet with intricate designs, under purple and gold lighting, showcased on a marble surface. The purple light casts a luxurious aura, while the gold light emphasizes the bracelet's rich texture and craftsmanship. Marble adds an elegant contrast. Created Using: macro lens, detailed texture exploration, luxury ambiance, color interplay, craftsmanship showcase, glibatree prompt, elegant backdrop, lighting mastery --ar 1:1

(Note: Glibatree is a creative app that uses AI to generate art based on specific prompts and styles. A "glibatree prompt" is a set of instructions and details you provide to the app to create the desired artwork. This could include details like the subject matter, the artistic style, the mood, the color palette, and any other specific elements you want included. Glibatree is also the name of a popular AI art creator and YouTuber. They are known for their unique and dreamlike artistic style.)

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