American Women

  1. Photorealistic portrait of a 27-year-old American girl with long blonde wave hair.She has dark chocolate brown eyes.She is natural. She should have a lot freckles on her face. She is natural and ultrarealistic.She doing selfie. Selfie for instagram post. She wears silver sportswear in the background is seaside.She doing selfie. Selfie, instagram. Snapshot, shoot. gives a kiss with the lips, sends a kiss.She is natural. She is standing and showing her body. She shows her back side of body. Her back. She has perfect beautiful skin and natural look. Natural selfie.

  2. "A photorealistic portrait of a 25-year-old American girl with long, flowing blonde hair and striking blue eyes with sunglass Wearing white t-Shart. She should have a natural, approachable expression and be illuminated by soft, golden-hour sunlight. The background should be a scenic outdoor setting, perhaps a sunlit beach. Capture this image with a high-resolution photograph using an 85mm lens for a flattering perspective."

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