Gemini Training Courses

A list of no-cost generativeAI and Gemini training courses to take before the end of โœจ Gemini โœจ season โฌ‡๏ธ ใ€Gใ€‘emini can help make engineers of all types more efficient in their daily activities. Learn how in this intermediate course, Gemini for Google Cloud Learning Path โ†’ ใ€Eใ€‘xplore Generative AI with the Vertex AI Gemini APIโ€”an intermediate course to demonstrate the following skills: text generation, image + video analysis for enhanced content creation, and applying function calling techniques within the Gemini API โ†’ ใ€Mใ€‘ake use of this codelab to learn how to use Java to interact with the Gemini API using the LangChain4j framework โ†’ ใ€Iใ€‘nspect Rich Documents with Gemini Multimodality and Multimodal RAG โ†’ ใ€Nใ€‘ow is the time to learn how to develop hashtag#generativeAI apps with Gemini and Streamlit. Take this no-cost intermediate course today โ†’ ใ€Iใ€‘ntroduction to testing with Gemini Code Assistโ€”a codelab where you'll learn how to use Gemini Code Assist for several developer tasks like test generation and code generation + how to use Gemini Code Assist to learn about Google Cloud โ†’ ใ€Sใ€‘upercharge your development workflow with this codelab on Gemini Code Assist โ†’ ใ€Zใ€‘ero in on how to develop and build a web application, fix errors in the application, develop tests, and query data with this course: Gemini for end-to-end software development lifecycle (SDLC) โ†’ ใ€Nใ€‘o-cost learning resource for Gemini szn: In this codelab, you'll see how you can give Gemini access to real time data by using a new feature called Function Calling โ†’

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